Rabat, Morocco

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Ibis Rabat Agdal Hotel 

 32-34, rue Abderrahmanne El Ghafiki place de la Gare RABAT - AGDAL. (Ex. IBIS MOUSSAFIR RABAT) View Map
local_activity City Centre  3,39  Km
wifi restaurant_menu local_laundry_service
Very Good, 3/5
358 Review
Average Price $ 69 $38
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Riad Dar El Kebira Hotel 

 Rue Des Consuls - 1 Impasse Belghazi, Ferran Znaki MÉDINA View Map
local_activity City Centre  6,54  Km
notifications_active restaurant_menu local_laundry_service
Superb, 4/5
539 Review
Average Price $ 111 $65
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