Casablanca, Morocco

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Enasma Hotel 

 71,RUE EL WAHDA 11 JANVIER Casablanca View Map
local_activity City Centre  2,96  Km
wifi card_travel local_cafe
Average Price $ 36 $20
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Farah Casablanca Hotel 

 160 Av Des Forces Armees Royales (Ex. Golden Tulip Farah Casablanca) View Map
local_activity City Centre  3,28  Km
local_bar card_travel local_laundry_service
Very Good, 3/5
639 Review
Average Price $ 40 $22
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Jm Suites Hotel 

 161 Angle Blvd Rachidi Blvd - Av Moulay Hassan 1er Quartier Moulay Youssef View Map
local_activity City Centre  4,01  Km
child_friendly restaurant_menu local_laundry_service
Very Good, 3/5
154 Review
Average Price $ 78 $43
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